ON THE SOFA: Need is Undefeated

Let me preface this revelation by saying; if you ever want face the highest amount of temptation make a commitment. From relationships to religion. I recently was moved to reaffirming my Christian faith and some of my most vulnerable foibles were heavily exploited by temptation. Truth be told, I lost a lot of battles. At times I wondered if I was actually in the right faith practice especially when the temptation would weigh on me like an invisible yet palpable weight. I would then submit myself to such condemnation at my inconsistency. The memories of sins rush in from as … Continue reading ON THE SOFA: Need is Undefeated

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Xulaima on the Sofa: When we say Happiness, Do we mean JOY?

Do you know what it means to feel joy? When was the last time you felt it? Did it come with a memory or was it just a feeling? In that memory, is the accompaniment (person, place or thing) still accessible to you at this moment if you were willing? Now take that same memory and ask this question: At that time in your life when this feeling occurred were you also happy? Uhoh! Hold up. Where is this going? So, happiness in my view, comes with some level of coherence or alignment whereby we see or experience more than … Continue reading Xulaima on the Sofa: When we say Happiness, Do we mean JOY?

On the Sofa: Growing Up Last and A Generation Apart

Respect: A very healthy tenet in the relationships among family. Often taught to us by our parents who instill in us the practice of respecting them. Then comes the practice of respecting other grown-ups around us. The fundamental understanding is that it is part of our survival. Or so I was taught. “Respect me or I will kill you!” It was usually just a beating but the point of the beating was to set on course the fear of death. Let me back track. I grew up in a Cameroonian household as the youngest of eight siblings and… cousins. Here … Continue reading On the Sofa: Growing Up Last and A Generation Apart

Politics: Accessory OR Device for Change?

Courtesy of the Odysseyonline.com Conservative or Liberal? Pro-Life or Pro-choice? Pro LGBT or Awaiting Judgment Day? Creation or Evolution? Healthcare Bill or Replace Healthcare Bill? Freedom of Religion or Freedom from religion? Equality or Make America Great again? Black Lives Matter or Tough on Crime? Somewhere in America today there is someone or a group of people arguing about one of the motions above. Someone is losing or gaining Facebook friends. Someone is joining a Facebook group or snapchat video series about their opinion on one of them as well. We have gotten so good at pontificating our political astuteness … Continue reading Politics: Accessory OR Device for Change?