BY THE WINDOW: Why the Kayfabe on Good Ideas – The Covid Conundrum

Good ideas are not partisan. In a mature, freethinking society, good ideas should operate as currency for progress. Instead what seems to be transpiring is a sort of gamification of ideas by staunch adherents to the polarity of left versus right politics. Frankly it has gotten plain ridiculous. Over the past two years, conversation in the area of healthcare, civic discourse, human/civil rights, culture and spirituality have turned into the ropes in the ever gestating tug-of-wars between the perceived right and left. Personally, certain acquaintances and family members have pretty much been relegated to occasional contact category. While most people … Continue reading BY THE WINDOW: Why the Kayfabe on Good Ideas – The Covid Conundrum

ON THE SOFA: Need is Undefeated

Let me preface this revelation by saying; if you ever want face the highest amount of temptation make a commitment. From relationships to religion. I recently was moved to reaffirming my Christian faith and some of my most vulnerable foibles were heavily exploited by temptation. Truth be told, I lost a lot of battles. At times I wondered if I was actually in the right faith practice especially when the temptation would weigh on me like an invisible yet palpable weight. I would then submit myself to such condemnation at my inconsistency. The memories of sins rush in from as … Continue reading ON THE SOFA: Need is Undefeated