The Future Of Oppressive Mediocrity : APATHY


Let me ask you this: When is the last time you thought of Germany post Nazi regime, with sympathy? When did it occur to you that some of the biggest victims of the Third Reich were German citizens themselves and this feeling filled you with empathy? We remember the Holocaust survivors and the creation of a sovereign state to protect the survivors but does anyone look to Germany with empathy?

If that took a second, newsflashYOU DON’T.

We have a Commander-in-Chief who disrespected his way to the presidency. Brock Turner gets off easy and nearly scott-free on rape charges. Casey Affleck wins the Oscar for Best Actor despite sexual assault charges which brought down fellow thespian Nate Parker, a one-time favorite for the statuette. One only need look at the cabinet appointments of: Betsy DeVos, Rex Tillerson, Steve Mnuchin, Jeff Sessions, Ben Carson and Rick Perry to see such blatant assault on our progress by a commitment to influence despite its intrinsic mediocrity. I realized I could not make this write up about race alone. It’s tempting but something is emerging alongside that truly threatens our future in an increasingly connected world.

What I would like to point out is how globally maladjusted we are right now by an empowered yet mediocre elite. They are seeking and probably already insulating themselves from the scrutiny posed by the duty to create a free and fair society. Influence is blatantly bought and paid for at all cost, scandal, brutality, constitutional reversal, scientific advancement notwithstanding. So what does this have to do with Germany again?

Let’s start with a highlight. The stock market is robust right now. Trade is in full swing. The dollar is up and money is changing a lot of hands. Here is the lowlight: Families are being split up due to the massive quest to De-Mexicanise the United States. Perceived Muslims from the Middle East are being attacked with slurs, held up at airports and Indian immigrants are having to look over their shoulders. Oh… And prison privatization has just be re-incentivized to tackle the ever-pending-strategy-review War On Drugs. The highlights and lowlights are accelerating at the exact same time.

Our greatest window into the rest of the world is trade. If it we appear to benefit from, or create a system that benefits us economically by the above-mentioned lowlights, we are setting scenarios, the United States and its citizens will have to live with for the remainder of their participation in the Empire narrative.

  1. Its disenfranchised population will seek to create alternative economic sovereignty to protect themselves from the further economic exclusion that has been allowed to take over the State structure.
  2. With no official influence in trade, the state and her “captors” shall have to play ball with a more even playing field (emerging nations) than they anticipated because skilled labor, innovation and education which are being provided elsewhere at lower cost will bear fruit.
  3. The State will be further pushed into using its military resources to manage its foreign influence which will no doubt create a more tense political atmosphere and lessen cooperation towards world peace.

Which means, best case scenario, the emancipation of the disenfranchised Americans is parallel to an increasingly unlikeable America. So no matter how we slice it, being American in the future will mean being from that part of the world where being a minority is to be unsafe even if middle class while paying taxes to a hugely overbearing military presence that doesn’t seem to dial it down.

One may even say, this whole immigrant purge is a roll call of sorts to be “in or out” because the next move in the game will not be pretty.

We do not know what that is. Now to bring up Germany again: Today they may not endure such oppressive mediocrity in their government but I’m not sure even with taking in the most amount of middle eastern refugees, Angela Merkel has created a nice warm feeling in the hearts of history buffs. When profit is made from the sanctioned exclusion and oppression of others, no matter which way the pendulum swings we get NO MERCY.

By Jude Yong

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