Conquest: A Martial Take on Racism

The experience of racism by the Black American and the African is, to be honest, an effect of CONQUEST. We lived or had civilisations that were attacked, conquered and later exploited. We were forcefully subjected to a position in civilization by forces that had no respect for our culture, morals or faith. Most of us today live in an assimilated society, whether on African soil, Asia, Europe or the United States. We learn, pray and trade in languages, scriptures and currencies that we had to acquire. Much of where our culture prevails among others it has been stolen, repackaged and … Continue reading Conquest: A Martial Take on Racism

Kobe Bryant: An Influence My Shadow Remembers

When Kobe was drafted into the NBA, I was in fourth year of secondary school in Sacred Heart College. I played on the basketball team. I was no star. I eventually became known mostly for rebounds and shot-blocking, “Rodman” as my teammates would sometimes blurt out alluding to the then reigning rebound king Dennis Rodman of the Chicago Bulls. I did not count my stats; so, I cannot say exactly how effective I was other than the nickname bestowed. At the time, as much as I enjoyed playing basketball, it seemed to me a profession I would never attain for … Continue reading Kobe Bryant: An Influence My Shadow Remembers

Racism: The American Custom

Maybe racism is the AMERICAN CUSTOM. Like cock-fighting in Mexico, Polygamy in Traditional African society, Shark fins in Japan, Dog meat in China, Monkey brain eating in … Somewhere. Maybe it is custom I must survive but one I may never truly understand. How else do I explain two successive presidents descendants of immigrants who won their platforms on such core divisive sentiments as “anti-racial bias” and flat out “racist recklessness” while both seeming rather immune to the reverberations of their proclamations. Well… not both of them. My question is… have we become so empowered, enamored, engrossed, consumed by the … Continue reading Racism: The American Custom

Politics: Accessory OR Device for Change?

Courtesy of the Conservative or Liberal? Pro-Life or Pro-choice? Pro LGBT or Awaiting Judgment Day? Creation or Evolution? Healthcare Bill or Replace Healthcare Bill? Freedom of Religion or Freedom from religion? Equality or Make America Great again? Black Lives Matter or Tough on Crime? Somewhere in America today there is someone or a group of people arguing about one of the motions above. Someone is losing or gaining Facebook friends. Someone is joining a Facebook group or snapchat video series about their opinion on one of them as well. We have gotten so good at pontificating our political astuteness … Continue reading Politics: Accessory OR Device for Change?

I Don’t See Race…

What if that were true? What if someone were acknowledging that they refuse to endorse a made up system of oppression that uses skin tone to separate people into a caste system? This statement often comes at the ire of most black, brown and native Americans because often it seems to denote, “I don’t see racism.” – which would of course be like standing on the metro tracks at rush hour “The trains have stopped running”. It will only be a good idea if it means you no longer have to work for a living. But what if, we NO … Continue reading I Don’t See Race…

Allegory On Outrage

  The right to free speech or the right to be outraged? It feels cathartic when we get express our outrage at what needs to be corrected, changed, addressed, expelled, justified and what have you. Why is that different from a kid throwing a tantrum? Perhaps education, information, a more evolved sense of compassion? So next question is, do kids throw tantrums around people who they know don’t care about them? Countless times I have seen parents in public spaces have their kids look at me or someone else in an attempt to distract them from their tantrum. The kid … Continue reading Allegory On Outrage