Conquest: A Martial Take on Racism

The experience of racism by the Black American and the African is, to be honest, an effect of CONQUEST. We lived or had civilisations that were attacked, conquered and later exploited. We were forcefully subjected to a position in civilization by forces that had no respect for our culture, morals or faith. Most of us today live in an assimilated society, whether on African soil, Asia, Europe or the United States. We learn, pray and trade in languages, scriptures and currencies that we had to acquire. Much of where our culture prevails among others it has been stolen, repackaged and … Continue reading Conquest: A Martial Take on Racism

Halloween in the Land of Upright Men or Burkina Faso

The young people of Burkina Faso (Land Of Upright Men) have successfully done what hardly any other African countries have done before with the least casualties recorded. Today, Friday October 31st 2014, the president Blaise Compaoré resigned and dissolved the current government due to the demands of his people. He avoided further violence, shameful dethronement and excessive foreign scrutiny. I won’t saddle you with facts about the people of Burkina Faso in terms of Geography and economics. I trust that those of you taking interest in reading this article are pretty familiar with the fact that they are African country … Continue reading Halloween in the Land of Upright Men or Burkina Faso


Ever since George Zimmerman got acquitted for the killing of Trayvon Martin, I have been swept by disappointment in the American justice system. Despite my hope in where the country may be headed, the one constant is still proliferation of the American black male as more of a threat to society than an asset. I have had to take walks in my neighborhood with a little more caution expecting the worst in whites and middle-easterners around to manifest. Hoping for a young male or female walking their dog to cross pavements upon sight of me for fear of me, as … Continue reading Despite Racism, BLACK PROGRESS MUST CONTINUE !