X U L A I M A BLOG: A Closer Look at Germany’s Domination over Brazil

Never has the world been this weary of Germany since the late 1930’s as it was on Tuesday, July 8th 2014, when the Germans obliterated the Brazilian football/soccer team in their home country on their home field. They made history in several ways on this day: First Brazilian loss on Brazilian soil, first time a team lost 7 to 1 in a World Cup semifinal, first time Brazil lost by that much to any team, first time that many people cried in a South American country on television, first time Brazilians forgot what the Samba feels like. I know Brazil can be made fun of today more than any other day for how badly they lost. A part of me even wonders if some dead Nazis are going “Who knew? We might have won Brazil… Why did we ever try Russia?” (I don’t know about you but the domination of any European team in the World Cup always leaves a bitter postcolonial aftertaste)
And the list of prowess over distress goes on.
But one thing is clear about #teamdeutschland Germany. They came ready to win with every fiber of their beings. It was embedded in every play they ran against the Brazilian team. And as much as one might wonder did it have to be that bad. Germany got more confirmation than ever before that their philosophy as a team and their energy placed in football excellence as opposed to military prowess was the best thing to happen to them since The Marshall plan. Arriving in Brazil setting a training camp of their own, Germans made it clear to several other teams they weren’t in Brazil to learn how to party until July 13th 2014. Again, one wonders did it have to be that bad. And I ask, did Brazil have to be that unprepared? In fact, did every other team have to be so unprepared. Did all of us asking that question forget what this tournament was set up for? Somebody has to win this thing and that takes preparation. But clearly, the German attitude toward winning in this tournament is more than obsessive; it’s IMPERATIVE. What does Germany know about victory and preparation that the other teams do not? What do Germans believe about victory that seems to dismantle every one they play against.
May I remind you that prior to the United Nations granting the Germans the Marshall Plan in 1945, Germany’s greatest export was military excellence and industrial innovation. Often at the expense of its greatest admirers who often turned into their victims: Poland, Belgium, Austria, Yugoslavia… to name a few. Living in the United States today, the world’s largest military and economy I can observe the mindset the constantly fosters an environment where some of the greatest military maneuvers and economic innovations are present. Add to that a dose of dissatisfaction and really good beer, you get a good mix of relaxation and provocation. With a few successful tries, you get seriously intoxicating domination.
So looking at #teamGermany, you could easily say there is a lot of hope for #teamUSA if we lose the army but maintain the desire to dominate. No coincidence in hiring former world champion footballer Jurgen Klinsmann to manage #teamUSA. They’re on the right track but he might need his coaching staff to spend a retreat at The Pentagon. You wouldn’t want a German at the Pentagon, Barack Obama might go bilingual before he leaves office.

Thank you for reading.

Jude @ Xulaima

2 thoughts on “X U L A I M A BLOG: A Closer Look at Germany’s Domination over Brazil

  1. Great read.. I admire thier dedication, proactiveness and zeal. Every soccer team should learn from the Germans.

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