Populism: What If…

It sounds like the cry for freedom. It sounds like the fight against a one world government. It sounds like the ultimate bastion of freedom in the modern age. But it looks like one thing only… Angry white people.

Where are the Africans leaving the United Nations, World Bank and International Court of Justice? Where are China, Brazil and India leaving the B.R.I.C.S? Where are the Japanese and South Korea pulling the Nikkei from World Trading data? Where are the former colonies pulling out of the Commonwealth of Nations and the Francophonie?

The world before the United Nations, League of Nations, World Bank and International Court of Justice was Slavery and Colonization in the Americas, Africa and Asia, Underregulated exploitation of the Middle East and the subjugation of the Aborigine in Australia. There was World War I, the War to end all wars and World War II – The Holocaust. Yay! Populism!

Ironically, the few nations with increasingly populist factions are the very ones who stood to gain from the calamity described above. All the migration and interaction they complain about was brought on by the very inequities brought on by the systems before.

What someone needs to share with the populists in the United States, Britain, France, Austria and Germany is that true global populism looks like the following;

  1. Putting an end to all the currency domination by the London-New York consortium. Letting all nations decide on the value of their currencies based on their true trade value on the world stage.
  2. African Nations renegotiating their trade deals according the tertiary value of the goods and services derived from the minerals such as; gold, diamond, oil, copper, bauxite, iron ore.
  3. Southern Asian nations restructuring their trade deals to reflect the value of the profit their labor provides in the Western market.
  4. Taking away the sale of pollution points from low-polluting nations to high pollution nations.
  5. Re-negotiation of the Military Authority in the High Seas.
  6. Restricting such supervisory groups such as Human Rights Watch, Red Cross, Medicins Sans Frontieres and various Non-Governmental Organizations.
  7. Banning or Re-democratising the global weapons and arms market according to each nation or market region.
  8. Political redesignation of regions according to a process most favorable to the group of people most capable of effective organization.

These are just a few as far as my intellect and information can devise. But if we lengthen the list, the opportunity for chaos starts to emerge and it is no great guessing game how the gains of such chaos stand to be distributed.

Of course, there are great economic possibilities for gains among so-called Third World Nations but if we look at the point about effective organization and arms and weapons market, we could definitely slide into a world so clutched in a monumental crescendo and human atrocity that we shall begin asking ourselves what the global village once looked  like. We shall see the elimination of charitable organizations across the African continent with an increase in weapons sales among rebel factions. We shall see the violent purge of groups and tribes of people from various regions, leaving the purging methods in the hands of the populist ideologues. If you think the Syrian migration was bad, just imagine the Mediterranean renamed the Autobahn.

Populism is like opening all the cages in the zoo and freeing all the animals into their respective cities: At first, the animals will breath fresh air of freedom but as they continue on and their hunger sets in, woe betide the citizen who stands to be preyed upon. And woe betide the animal who faces the human and his gun. Woe betide the animal who goes from being a protected specie to a hunting game. What if populism is a freedom that undoes our responsibility to love one another. Populism: what if it’s not right for everyone?


X U L A I M A © 2016

facebook: jude yong

instagram: julianmichaelyong



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